Wiltshire Farm Foods

Adobe Commerce Implementation For Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods is a brand of apetito that is into the preparation and delivery of meals and other food items to both individual customers as well as business entities. The company currently has its presence in the UK, Ireland, the USA, and Canada.

The Magento-based Commerce, Seller portal, and Admin capabilities enable WFF to generate orders. 80% of the orders are placed via the Seller portal with assistance from the customer service agents and the remaining 20% of orders are self-serviced by customers' eCommerce sites.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Client
Frozen Meal Delivery Services Industry

The Customers Challenge

Wiltshire Farm Foods was initially developed on the Kentico platform which was having multiple challenges as mentioned below


Disjointed processes between Orders placed via MS Dynamics (CSA) vs Orders placed via the website.


Redundancy of operations due to disparate systems (Kentico & MS Dynamics)


Effective management of the content within the site which had a lot of technical dependencies


Page loading issues and the lack of a mobile-friendly site


Performance issues with Kentico CMS admin

Solution Overview

Reduce the operations overheads across two different systems taking customer orders

Enhanced CMS

Improves the performance of the system to cater to increasing order volumes

Integrates with various 3rd party systems like Telebiz, MS Dynamics, PIM, Stripe, and accessiBe

Automation of end-to-end process with minimal manual intervention

Implementation Success

Website response time has improved with less than 5 seconds for critical operations like checkout and less than 2 seconds response time for all other journeys.

SEO components required for the migration were successfully addressed on the website launch without which the performance of the website for search would have been affected.

Site developed to work efficiently at 3 breakpoints – desktop, tab & mobile

Upgraded from Adobe Commerce Cloud v2.4.3 to v2.4.5



Reduced operational cost due to the removal of operational redundancy & E2E automation


The business is able to self-manage content via Page Builder without the intervention of technical support


Leveraged multi-tenant platform capabilities of Adobe Commerce by hosting 2 different brands on the same instance

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

1Digitals has a Proficient Magento Development team and also has a clear understanding of the eCommerce domain

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