Tokyo Chemical Industry

Tokyo Chemical Industry ( TCI )

TCI is in the business of many products, from organic laboratory chemicals to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and functional materials. They have online sales, leveraging advanced automation and semi-automation integrations. One such integration was set up by a third-party platform, Tradecentric (formerly called Punchout2Go)), using their Punchout2GO functionality. With this integration, TCI is taking its online sales to the next level.

Tokyo Chemical Industry Client
Chemicals Industry

The Customers Challenge


TCI Business had quite a few hurdles to overcome in their attempt to interact with the legacy Magento punchout implementation, notably with performance and flexibility.


Unbeknownst to them, they were dealing with an infrastructure that involved tight coupling with Tradecentric middleware, compelling them to find a thorough middleware solution should they still wish to make use of the Punchout functionality.


This not only incurred importable circumstances but powered the time before each task could be completed.

Solution Overview

SAP Commerce Cloud, Punchout addon, CXML protocol-based integration with Tradecentric

Implementation Success

The implementation of an Out of the Box Punchout add-on on top of an existing SAP Commerce suite enabled a CXML protocol-based data transfer mechanism with an e-procurement system for ease and efficiency.

Furthermore, the price engine was customized to showcase customer-specific prices from their punchout quickly and easily.

The UI components could be configured to a client's preferences simply and effectively either by utilizing impex files or through the Smart Edit feature.

Finally, any customizations done for Punchout have been made modular within individual add-on extensions to minimize the impact on functionality.



CXML is a protocol that is used as a means of exchanging data between SAP Commerce and Eprocurement systems. What sets CXML apart from other protocols is its ability to work with or without the need for a middleware layer. This makes the flow of data more efficient and affordable, leaving users with more time to dedicate to their business needs.


Getting to market quickly and prepared to deliver a powerful punch with the system, significantly reducing your time-to-market for any new Punchout customer.


Improved user experience with new responsive design with the upgraded store-front now visible to customers. Shopping online has been smoothly streamlined with user navigation and functionality greatly enhanced.

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

1Digitals was the obvious choice as an implementation partner, due to its unparalleled experience when it comes to delivering complex punchout solutions. This has resulted in total mastery of the punchout lifecycle and an incomparable level of expertise when integrating punchout successfully with SAP Commerce.

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