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Many businesses, whether small or large, are looking for ways to improve their marketing efforts. The Omni-Channel Marketing Services by 1Digitals can help you automate and streamline your entire marketing process so that you can focus on what’s important: growing your business.

If you are struggling to use tools that are powerful and switching various point solutions, and are unable to manage customer data, you don’t have to deal with that anymore. With us, you can learn about your customers, and their buying preferences, and personalize interactions to convert potential prospects into customers.

With Omni-Channel Marketing Services, we can implement the technology to help you achieve your marketing goals. From requirement analysis to understanding customer challenges, to recommending the best possible solutions, our team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your business succeed. It’s easier to integrate various systems to get a 360-degree view of your customers.

Omnichannel marketing

Your Customers Data
In The Hands Of Your Marketers

We Help You Identify Your Customers, and Power Their Experiences

We Help You Engage With The Right Customers Via Powerful Behavior Tracking Tools
We Help You Build & Scale Your Marketing Campaigns
We Help You Get Critical Customer Data Into Your Marketing Systems By Integrating With Third-Party Systems
We Help You With Decision Intelligence To Make Smarter, And Faster Decisions About Products And Customers

"Personalization At Its Best"
Omnichannel retail

eCommerce Systems

We provide insights about customers, their buying preferences, interactions on platforms, and more to convert them into loyal customers. This allows you to better understand your customer base and provide the best possible experience for them. In case a customer leaves the platform without completing their purchase or if they have any issues with their order, the Marketing System will prompt the users into buying the product, or fixing the issues, irrespective of the platforms.

Third-Party Integrations

Our solutions can seamlessly integrate with external platforms to generate crucial customer information. You can accumulate abundant data such as characteristics, user behaviour, and profile alterations thanks to this integration. Assembling all these facts enables you to contribute a full 360-degree customer view.

By taking this information, our services then help you leverage the same for your marketing plans resulting in effective promotion campaigns with a higher success rate. Having access to such data grants you the opportunity to nurture and develop your consumer base simultaneously with your focussed sales pitch resulting in higher conversions.

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online marketing services

Personalized Campaigns

We’re here to help organizations create an unforgettable online presence on a wide range of popular digital channels. We focus on boosting customer engagement and loyalty with custom communications, localized to their interests, concerns, and tastes. With our comprehensive system integration, organizations easily distribute messages through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – or all of them!

Customers see relevant and timely information that stirs their activity or interest when they open their feeds. Our systems takes it a step further by using re-targeting algorithms so you can reap great rewards long after the seconds that immediacy brings. Reach more customers, and grow your directories of potential prospects without any hard work – as easy as downloading an app these days!

You Need Us To Scale

1Digitals is passionate about digitally enabling enterprises and is committed to helping its customers grow their businesses by leveraging the Enterprise Marketing Platform that offers an omni-channel 360-degree view of customers.

We provide comprehensive solutions that help you reach more consumers with your message, increase website traffic, convert leads faster, and improve customer retention rates. We believe in providing value-added services that are tailored specifically to your needs.

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Omnichannel marketing strategy

A glimpse into our work:

Following are a few of our success stories related to Enterprise Digital Marketing:

  • Rolled out Digital Marketing platforms to various enterprises in order to help them:
    • Consolidate their leads/opportunities
    • Create AI-driven meaningful segments
    • Provide a 360-degree view of customers for personalized targeting
    • Run campaigns across various channels like brand sites, eCommerce websites, social media
    • Measure the performance of campaigns to make objective decisions
  • Integration of Enterprise Digital Marketing platforms such as SAP Marketing Cloud, and Emarsys with various eCommerce, brand sites, middleware, and Point of Sale systems such as SAP Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce/Magento, AEM sites, MS BizTalk, Apigee, OneView Commerce
  • Enabled automated loading of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party contacts into the Digital Marketing platform via XLS, CRM, and ERP
  • Enabled clients to be legally compliant with laws such as GDPR by implementing features like double opt-in
  • Enabled multiple brands on a single platform (license) in order to carry out their digital marketing activities

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