Macnica – Multi-site CMS Project

Macnica is a Japan-based global leader engaged in supplying semiconductors, electronic components, network equipment, software products, and various other services to customers worldwide in the electronics and enterprise IT markets. In addition to global supply chain logistics in Japan, China, Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, Macnica offers world-class technical support to its customers.

Macnica Client
High-Tech Industry



In its current technology landscape, MACNICA’s web content is managed via diversified CMS systems that cater to the needs of individual regional sites. With an aim to reduce the redundancy of content across regions, reduce the complexity by creating a unified technology platform, and move away from direct HTML-based content management, MACNICA embarked on a journey to create a Global Content Management system


Cater subsidiary-specific requirements such as multi-lingual support, and integrations (Benchmark, OneTrust, accessiBe)


Site should be accessible across multiple devices and to people with special needs

Solution Overview

Adobe Experience Manager Cloud

Reason AEM Cloud was selected

To enable eCommerce, retail, and other channels to push data into/pull recommendations. API development from SAP Marketing Cloud to expose the below entities via CPI:

Branding: Common templates and content ensure consistent global branding

Resources: Focus only on creating unique content for each locale, eliminating the problem of insufficient resources

Avoid Redundancy: Global content frees you from unnecessary content creation work, allowing to focus on local business

Preventing Loss: Global content prevents loss of critical content as the same content can be used in the subsidiaries

Business: Best practices for each locale are standardized as global content

Infrastructure: The industry’s highest-rated integration platform provides global access to the latest technology

Scalability: Ability to include all other subsidiaries within the proposed landscape. Cloud offering that provides a stable and scalable solution

Integrates well with the current technology ecosystem in place

Implementation Success

Single AEM instance used for multiple subsidiaries

Subsidiary-based user group access control to Authors and Approvers (Subsidiary authors can only access that specific subsidiary’s content and Subsidiary approver can only approve that subsidiary’s specific requests)

Migrated the existing data to fit into the new designs

Defined workflows to follow a specific process while adding/editing/unpublishing and approving/rejecting the pages, content, and assets

Flexibility to use components based on the subsidiary-specific needs (Date format in the table component to fit the Chinese year when authored content in Chinese language, Video streaming service can vary from one region to another or from one subsidiary to another)

As part of the Global AEM framework, Global components, Global templates, Global content library, and Global workflows were implemented

In addition to creating a global framework and component library which can be re-used across subsidiaries, 4 subsidiary sites were simultaneously launched in a span of 8 months



Ability to manage all subsidiary sites from a single instance


Eliminate content redundancy across all subsidiaries by providing the ability to manage all global content by the Headquarter team


Automated notification to all the subsidiary authors once content/assets are published in GCL (Global Content Library), eliminating manual intervention


Less overhead with a simplified process of managing new content/assets being published as they are reviewed and approved before publishing, resulting in validated and approved content being available to the customer's


Responsive site that can be accessed on multiple devices providing ease of access to the customers

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

1Digitals’ expert team mapped the business requirements into technical requirements and provided the defined artifacts as per the client's needs

1Digitals’ CX experience in helping their customers with similar Enterprise Content Management implementations

The templates, pages, components, integrations, and workflows were detailed and aligned with the client and the AEM team resulting in a product that met all client requirements adhering to the AEM platform specifications

1Digitals’ Enterprise Content Management accelerators were leveraged to deliver this in a shorter time

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