SAP Marketing Cloud
Implementation at 4Homes

4Homes is a marketing and distribution company promoting the brands of leading manufacturers of kitchenware, tableware homeware, tea & coffee, and beauty products in the GCC region; and of baking & cake decoration products, in the larger Middle East region.

4Homes Client
Retail Industry



Bank promotions to give discounts on products were a challenge with the existing payment gateways


Managing and configuring multiple payment gateways into the system dynamically at runtime was not feasible


Due to various payment options and their interdependencies, the existing technology stack had limitations to cater to all the expected enhancements

Solution Overview

Integration mechanism for consuming bulk data into Hybris Marketing SAP Marketing for workflow, reports, segmentation, and campaign management

Reason AEM Cloud was selected

To enable eCommerce, retail, and other channels to push data into/pull recommendations. API development from SAP Marketing Cloud to expose the below entities via CPI:

Customer details

Corporate Org (if required)

Order & Interactions


Implementation Success

Features provided by SAP Marketing Cloud in customer profiling, segmentation, targeting, campaigning, reporting, etc.

Import existing customers & order data from various channels into the system.

Build APIs using SAP's Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to enable eCommerce, retail, and other channels to push data into SAP Marketing Cloud.

Collect all customer & interaction data within this platform. It enables the marketing team to analyze customer demographics/interactions, target campaigns via email/SMS, and measure the success of such campaigns.



A centralized marketing database that gives uniquely identifiable customer data, consolidated across all eCommerce, retail, and distribution channels.


Each country will have its own “Marketing Area” with the ability to control access to only those marketing users working on that country's marketing efforts.


Purchase information from eCommerce & retail channels which can be used for analysis, reporting & targeting.


Ability to send email/SMS campaigns to an identified target segment.


Ability to measure campaign success in terms of reach and response. Ability to create Product Recommendations based upon imported order data that specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed.


1Digitals had an insight into the topic and could understand the client's needs well as a result of a previous collaboration.

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

Implemented the complex B2B Customer Portal in under 6 Months.

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