Adobe Commerce Implementation @apetito

apetito is a UK-based food company that is into the preparation and delivery of meals and other food items to both individual customers as well as business entities. Currently, the company provides services in the US, UK, and Ireland.

The primary objective of the website is to drive qualified leads that engage with apetito's content and also provide a view of opportunities to work at apetito.

apetito Client
Frozen Food Industry

The Customers Challenge

apetito.co.uk was initially using Kentico platform which was having multiple challenges mentioned below


Effective management of the content within the site which had a lot of Technical dependencies


Page loading issues and the lack of a mobile-friendly site


Performance issues with Kentico CMS admin

Solution Overview

The project goal is to provide enhanced content management capabilities for the apetito.co.uk site available on the Magento 2 platform

Data capture of leads from key, highly qualified actions on the website

Develop educational content to support the audience journey, reinforced by advertising/campaigns

Engage the community with relevant content and events

Reason Magento was selected

It offers a flexible content management system

Easily accessible in all devices and mobile friendly platforms

Implementation Success

Website page load has efficiently increased and was deployed without any challenges across 3 breakpoints – desktop, tab & mobile

SEO components required for the migration were successfully addressed on the website launch without which the performance of the website for search would have been affected



The content can be managed with Page Builder by the business without the intervention of technical support


Third-party integrations can be done without any major challenges

What specific partner expertise helped the customer to succeed?

1Digitals' Magento Development team has a deep understanding of all the essential steps to ensure a smooth migration from Kentico to Magento. With the expertise 1Digitals offers, it has effortlessly transitioned the platform into getting it up and running on an optimized system in no time.

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